Mu’min B*Sugi

Mu’min B*Sugi is a new product which consists of gel concentration by more than 90% natural Meswak stick extract produced with the latest technology and innovation. B*Sugi is the first product in the world that can be used as an alternative to replace the Meswak stick to facilitate Muslims use the Mu’min B*Sugi . Goodness from other Mu’min B*Sugi include:

• Prevents tooth decay
• Strengthens the gums
• Avoid bad breath
• Refreshing mouth
• Cleaning the teeth and mouth


Mu’min B*Sugi is sold in 15ml and 40ml packing easy to carry anywhere and use at any time. Another quality product from Al-Meswak Mu’min Sdn. Bhd., B*Sugi safe if swallowed.