The Mu’min Junior range of personal care items are specially formulated for children with safe and non-allergic products are also suitable for the whole family

Mu’min Junior Talcum


Mu’min Junior talcum powder are specially formulated with pure fine powder and refreshing fruits fragrance and extracts. Baby’s skin kept dry and comfortable. Skin is protected and moisturised by pure goat’s milk extract.



Mu’min Junior hair and body shampoo

Mu’min Junior shampoo

Mu’min Junior shampoo and Mu’min Junior hair and body shampoo are formulated with pure goat’s milk extract. Wheat germ extract further enhances the conditioning effects to keep hair and skin smooth, supple and health.



Mu’min Junior Bath and Body Shower

Mu’min Junior bath and body shower area contains the moisturising benefits of pure goat’s milk extract . Skin and hair is further protected with the conditioning effects of vitamin E and alore vera